"Atha yoganushasanam" - Now the practice of Yoga Begins"​, is the first line from the Yoga Sutra. This is the time when we focus on the true practice of Yoga, the mind & true Self.

Due to the storm of the current health situation of COVID-19, Inye is resting its physical space, until this wave of health concern passes. We have shifted to build a strong virtual community, and continue to support the evolution of the mind. It is a unique platform which allows the teachers to connect with you, and provide alignment and adjustment cues through the ZOOM platform. Friends old and new are able to take advantage of our One Week Free Trial! Please check out how to register for these Virtual Interactive classes.

As for existing membership holders, you will be able to access all online contents for free, and plus our deep gratitude to keep the studio operational, when we are ready again to resume the physical practices. If you wish to place an "open hold", or conclude the membership, please email frontdesk@inyeyoga.com


Class pass holders can certainly use their pass toward the digital interactive classes, and will be accommodated with additional time, when the studio wakes from slumber. Online Class Pass can be utilized for physical in-studio practices as well.

This is a strong community and I am very proud of everyone who "show up" every time on the mat. The situation will change, like all things in the world. Knowing we will learn a great deal from this, and look forward to share journey with each one of you, when we meet again.

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