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Join Energy Exchange - new update

INYE is looking for new people to join INYE Energy Exchange family! This is a wonderful way to contribute to this sacred space many called the second home, as well as energetically holding space for everyone that uses Yoga practices to expand their spiritual awareness. The ideal candidate has a developed and dedicated yoga practice.

1) Music Energy Exchange (1 - 2 people):

Are you a musician who loves Yoga? Guitar, sitar, flute/bansuri, violin, singing bowls... etc. Including vocal! If you love to share your gift for vibrations during Yoga practices, playing once a week, in exchange for unlimited Yoga, please reach out to us:

Sacred sound vibration is a powerful way to deliver energy, and matching the class(es)'s flow. It is also a great way to meet other musicians who share love for Yoga, and be part of a dedicated community 🙏

2) Energy Exchange (1 - 2 people):

We are also looking for two more people to join the Energy Exchange family, on the Saturday afternoon 1pm shift. It includes resetting the studio space back to its tidy and organized state, so the community members can feel welcome and nurtured. In exchange we provide you with the Trade Unlimited Pass to all INYE practices.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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