INYE HypnoYoga

Our physical body is a powerful "drug store" that’s highly suggestible. The world is filled with suggestions of all kinds, some good, some not so much. HypnoYoga’s ultimate reach is to “de-hypnotize” you, so you may express the full capability of human potential.

HypnoYoga is a First in the World, evolved from Eddee's Yogic practice & Hypnotherapy case studies. HypnoYoga combines Hypnotherapy with Restorative Yoga, each class brings different focus to shine light on the accumulated false associations. While the physical body goes into a deep relaxation state, we work with the subconscious mental layer with carefully crafted, beneficial suggestions. We plant seeds in the deepest part of your awareness, and bring growth in consciousness.

IMPORTANT: Please take time and listen to the Hypnotherapy Pre-talk (~32 minutes), to understand hypnotherapy as an organized system.

Setup for HypnoYoga Practice


During the HypnoYoga virtual practice, please dim the light to create conducive atmosphere. Facial recognition is not important. Please do allow yourself to be visible in camera view, so appropriate suggestions may be tailored based on your reactions.

Please make sure absolutely no distractions (cellphone / family member / animal companion) during the one hour practice.

The ability to hear clearly is important. Wireless earbuds / headphone is suggested for best result.



One or two bolsters, blanket(s), two blocks are highly recommended for the practice. Think "comfortable", how can you get your body to be as comfortable as possible.


Each class we will focus on one branch of healing:


Physical Healing:

This includes: Accelerate injury healing; pain management; immune system enhancement; sleep enhancement (insomnia); learning enhancement; sport performance enhancement...etc.


Mental (emotional / psychological) Healing:

This includes: Addiction removal; phobia / trauma removal; self confidence boost; pattern interruption; weight management... etc.

Metaphysical Journey*:

This includes: Pre-natal regression (past life); progression; astral travel (Master's Realm only); Self healing of all levels; psychic attunement & intuition enhancement... etc.


*Certain metaphysical journeys will require a “sacred item” (to you personally) to be placed near or on you, even if you do not have a belief system. It could be a necklace, a statuette, a crystal, something that is YOU and contains your energy only. I will inform the students prior if a metaphysical practice is planned.

Sol Lewis

Bring out the positive nature of human and the ability to be in control. When you are sucked in to the craziness and frenzy of the crowd, and be able to realize your own true nature, that’s knowing who you are.