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We salute all the Medical HealthCare Professionals, especially during this storm of Covid-19. No matter which country you are located in, your around the clock sacrifice and acts of compassion is what kept the World a healthier and a better place. Deep gratitude and THANK YOU to all! Here at INYE, this vibrant and dedicated community would be happy to support YOU, to look after your physical and mental wellbeing through our Healers Membership, so you may continue to shine the healing light upon others in desperate need.


For all the frontline HealthCare Professionals, whether you are a Doctor, Nurse, Personal Support Worker, Medical Assistant... etc. by submitting a qualified Proof of Employment (hereafter referred as PoE - see below for all qualified options), you can enrol in our Healers Membership.

Healers Membership is $10/month, for the length of six months. It offers you all the benefits of a regular membership: Unlimited Classes & Full Access to the INYE Member Access Media Library. Simply fill out the confidential form below, upload a qualifiable PoE, and we will reach out within 48 hours to complete the sign up process with you.

Existing Members can also be qualified and switched toward the Healers Membership.


We value the importance of privacy, so please read the necessary guideline prior to submitting your PoE.


1) Medical Facility ID: A photo of your Medical Facility ID, with the name of the Medical Facility clearly visible. Please blur out your profile photo, ID number, and any other sensitive information.

2) Screen capture of an active Hospital website, which listed you in the staff profile.

3) Any documentation that provides PoE. Please blur out any sensitive information.

4) We provide the benefit of the doubt, however, INYE Yoga reserves all rights to terminate any fraudulent claim.

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