Community Health & Safety

Ontario have entered the Stage Three Re-opening. INYE has resumed our In-Studio Yoga Classes, plus all the Virtual Interactive Classes, to service our dedicated community, and to safeguard our members' physical & mental health. We continue to close monitor the situation, and to keep INYE the safest for the community.

At INYE, we are committed to bring the smoothest and safest In-Studio experience for our devoted community. We employ an additional sanitizing service to provide deep clean & disinfect all common areas once a week.

Hospital grade disinfectant (Benefect) is being sprayed, along with routine sanitization protocols and fresh air exchange mechanism in between classes to promote a germ free practice space & fresh air flow. Multiple sanitizing stations situate around studio to ensure optimal health and safety of our teachers and beloved community.

However, the most essential part to keep this community healthy is YOU. Please respect personal space with social distancing. Be compassionate, kind and considerate will ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe.

  • Please observe proper Mask etiquette (nose & mouth covered) when entering the studio. Our receptionist will greet you and measure your body temperature through forehead.

  • After settled onto your mat, mask can be removed and be placed on a tissue paper beside you. Please wear your mask on all occasions when stepped out of the mat (change room / water / exit).

  • In the change room please continue to observe the mask etiquette, especially when other members are sharing the space with you. This is important as we tend to relax when around friends/family members.

  • If you are planning on travelling abroad, or had recently returned from an affected country / region, or suspect you were in contact with a confirm or possible infected person, please kindly refrain from attending the studio for 14 days. Please join us virtually in practice, or contact frontdesk@inyeyoga.com to discuss accommodations for your membership / class pass.


  • if you are not feeling well, and exhibiting flu like symptoms or fever, please be considerate of our community and stay home until symptoms have subsided.


  • if you do sneeze or cough, please follow proper etiquette and cover your mouth & nose.


  • Please wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching eyes/nose/mouth with unwashed hands.


All guidelines should appeal to our humanity and our responsibility toward each other, not to remove or strip them. Ultimately we are in this together as one.


  • Members must register for all classes (virtual & in-studio) through MINDBODY ahead of time. Please join the class early so you can settle onto your mat for practice. Upon register, you will receive a confirmation email.


  • Members can register classes up to 21 days ahead. However, that means occasionally you might loose track on which classes you were registered for. Learn how to cancel / review your registrations by using a cell phone or browser (from desktop / laptop) by click on the below link:


⁣For more information about the Coronavirus and prevention, please visit Toronto Public Health website⁣.

We look forward to being back in the studio, sharing our energy & stories with each and every one of you! Your dedication to INYE Yoga through this challenging time is beyond words. We hold a special place in our heart for each of you!