Phase 3 Re-Opening: Health & Safety

<November 16th update>  Starting Monday, Nov 16, 2020, Halton enters the "Red-Control" Level Restriction. This includes maximum of 10 people indoor (9 students + 1 teacher), with 3 meters social distancing. Please be mindful when registering for the in-studio classes, to commit when registered, and arrive at least 5 minutes before class time. If you can't make the class, respectfully cancel the spot promptly through the MindBody App, INYE website, or call the studio, so our receptionist can offer the space with grace to the next student on the wait list. We continue to close monitor the situation, and to keep INYE the safest for the community.

The impact of the Covid storm is profound. Within four months, the way of living has been redirected, regardless which part of the world you are in. It brought on a new perspective to our relationship with the world, with people around us, and most importantly, examine our relationship to the Self. 


Now the practice of Yoga begins - "Atha yoganushasanam" 


Our staff & teachers execute routine sanitization protocols in between each class, as well as our Energy Exchange family at the end of each day. You may also notice many new safety additions around the studio, plus a weekly service of the professional sanitizing crew (Enviro-Master). All these are in place to ensure optimal health and safety of our beloved community.


However, the most essential part to keep this community healthy is YOU. Even though phase 3 has arrived, and infection cases lowered, please respect personal space with social distancing. Be compassionate, kind and considerate will ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe.

Here are the procedures for Phase 3 Re-Opening within the INYE space:


  • Members must register for all classes (indoor and virtual) through MINDBODY ahead of time, drop-in option is no longer available. Class size is reduced to allow for generous social distancing (3 meters) within the large yoga room. There are floor markers for mat placements.​


  • Please use credit / debit card for all transactions. Cash option will not be available.


  • Wearing Mask is mandatory upon entering the studio. Upon arrival, our receptionist will check your temperature through a non-touch, infrared sensor on the forehead. Anyone has a fever above 38C would be send back for their personal and community safety. Grab a tissue paper from the reception desk, check out the designated locker colour for the class, and keep the mask on until settled on the designated mat space in the practice room. Only then remove the mask and place it on the tissue paper beside your mat,  and please minimize conversation. If you have food, please enjoy it outdoor where the weather is beautiful. 

  • If you have pre-existing condition and unable to wear a mask or face shieldwe must kindly ask you to practice with us virtually instead, to reduce your health risk at a public space. 



  • Our hot studio (the Sun Room) has been utilized as the main practice space during phase 3 re-opening. Started from Aug 24th, we are offering Hot (~34C/93.2F) & Warm (~30C/86F) temperature classes, as well as Non-Heated classes. The two doors of the Sun Room would remain open to encourage air flow. The two skylights within the room do provide good natural heat from the Sun, render the room comfortably warm. 


  • Change room is available, with colour coded locker spaces. Please pay attention to the display at the reception desk upon arrival, for the assigned locker colour for the class. Started from Aug 24th, along with the Heated classes, shower stalls are available with frequent sanitization, compliant with Ontario's policy. Please wear a mask whenever possible, and minimize change room conversation while getting changed.


  • Virtual classes are always facilitated in parallel with the live classes, to support more practice options for your physical or emotional comfort. If you are at risk of infection, or in home quarantine, please join us virtually.


  • Please keep your mask on at all time, including in the change room or the lobby. Minimize conversation before & after class within the studio space. If you like to catch up, please utilize the outdoor space.

  • ⁣If you are planning on travelling abroad, or had recently returned from an affected country, please kindly refrain from attending the studio for 14 days. Please contact to discuss accommodations for your membership / class pass.⁣

  • ⁣if you are not feeling well, and exhibiting flu like symptoms or fever, please be considerate of our community and stay home until symptoms have subsided.⁣ Few people believe to come to a practice while being sick and "sweat-it-out", please be considerate and trust this is not the time for it.

  • ⁣if you do sneeze or cough, please follow proper etiquette and cover your mouth & nose with tissue or handkerchief. If these not immediately available, please use your elbow to prevent vapour spread.

  • ⁣⁣Please wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching eyes/nose/mouth with unwashed hands.⁣

- Before & after yoga practice.⁣

- Before & after eating

- After coughing & sneezing

- After using washroom

⁣For more information about the Coronavirus and prevention, please visit Toronto Public Health website⁣.

We look forward to being back in the studio, sharing our energy & stories with each and every one of you! Your dedication to INYE Yoga through this challenging time is beyond words. We hold a special place in our heart for each of you!

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Illustration created by talented local artist: Jamie Anutooshkin

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