Each one of us is integral to the community. Sharing our wisdom, devotion, love, while having fun is the reason why the yoga community is strong. This is a space dedicated to our community, our practice, to you. 

Please check back often, as new contents will be added regularly!

LOVE LETTERS - a piece of day to day thought of love.

INYE GALLERY - image reflections of our INYE community.

BOOKS & RESOURCES - add more books to your to-read pile!

CHARITIES - spread compassion to the world in need.

STUDIO TESTIMONIALS - words of gratitude & love from our community members


"The body is only a temporary house, a caravanserai, an overnight stay. In the morning we have to go. But consciousness is the eternal pilgrim, a journey without any beginning and without any end. It is a journey of dances and songs and music and poetry, a festive journey, a ceremony without any reason. Just being is enough."